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Modern POS Solution with Great Features.

Scantranx provides you with 360° Retail Solution and unique features for your modern business. Managing single location to multiple locations, E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce? Our solution has been designed as a perfect fit for your business.

Inventory Management

Easily track inventory across all your integrated sales channels with no stress. Scantranx provides you with powerful inventory control that enables you to optimize all orders and inventory management through the transaction cycle.

With Scantranx, it gets easier to make key decisions on your marketing approach and balancing supply with demand in order to increase profitability. Scantranx's in-built product-level alert system notifies you when a product in stock is at a predefined level. Leveraging on the power of Artificial Intelligence, our platform assists retailers in harmonizing their inventory systems and improve their back-end operations by providing them with valuable data analytics at their finger tips in real time.

Enjoy the power that comes with having a central control for tracking and managing your warehouse, brick and mortar stores and also your online sales channels.

Omni-Channel Solution

Omni-channel refers to the seamless integration of online and in-store sales channels. With a centralized management system, retailers can efficiently remove barriers and create a more consistent shopping experience for customers. Spanning across channels and devices, shoppers are free to visit your store, how and when they want.

Integrate your brick-and-mortar business with your online channels, using a single retail solution that offers your customers one consistent experience. With Scantranx, (omni-channel solution) you can reach more customers, better accommodate their shopping habits and converts all touch points to sales.

Point of Sales (POS)

Scantranx provides you with a Unique POS application on an Android device - Tablet, Mobile Phones or our customized hardware. Our app enables you to provide a quick and seamless checkout experience for your customers in store, what a nice way to keep them coming back.

Easily profile your new customers using an Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), set up receipt copies and other transaction policies on the Scantranx POS application. It is as easy as counting the fingers on your hand.

Sometimes your customers want to settle their transactions using more than one payment option, Our POS application has made such transactions easy to document and track.

E-Commerce Solution

Get a feel of our Scantranx user friendly, high grade e-commerce platforms, managed through a central back office that links it with other sales channels such as brick and Mortar stores and Social media.

Our Software helps streamline your business daily operations such as order shipment, returns, payments and transaction reconciliation. Scantranx boosts your productivity and increases your ROI in a very short time.

Scantranx e-commerce websites are easy to use with great features that help retail business increase their online presence while improving their customer experience.

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Scantranx provides you with a Built-In Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that enables you to understand your customers and also keeps you connected with them.

With the Scantranx CRM, you can easily profile a new customer and edit the details of an existing one. You can track their shopping habits, keep in close contact with them, keep little extra details about them that fosters a quality relationship that subsequently affects your business positively.

Scantranx CRM comes with an inbuilt loyalty plan that helps you rewards your customers based on points, number of visits or volume of transactions. Our CRM also support retailers to take advance payments for goods from customers via the wallet system.

Social Media Integration

Scantranx is integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in ways that will enable you automatically promote your newly added products to your friends, fans and followers.

It is a simple process that only requires you to check a box while stocking in your new items/products. With a quality product image uploaded, it automatically publishes your newly created product to your Social Media timeline with a pre-set message that will be available for all your followers to see.

Thus, saving you time and resources while boosting productivity, increasing your online presence and over-all business performance.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate comparative reports for effective business analysis. Reports can be generated for any aspect of the business such as employee reports, branch reports, sales and transactions reports, customer reports, product and inventory reports and many more.

Detailed and easy to read reports are vital for business assessment, growth plans and to make informed decisions.

Scantranx provides you with comprehensive reports on all the key variables of your business; complemented by a log system that can easily trace out any error at your finger tip.

Automated Data Back Up

Never lose your business data again due to damaged hardware or crashed software. Scantranx was designed to ensure that all business and system generated data are backed up to our dedicated cloud server to ensure you always have access to them especially when things go wrong with your workstation and terminals.

You can easily import your data if you change your hardware or lose your data due to hardware failures. Scantranx also makes it easy for you to replicate your data across all your business locations, franchises or online channels with just a single click. Enjoy the benefit of using a powerful cloud solution that takes care of your business data.

Remote Access

Scantranx provides you with real-time access to your business key performance statistics and allows you to make administrative decisions from any part of the world.

With this powerful feature, users with the right access level can easily access the Scantranx Administration back office in order to carry out important operational activities or system audits. This flexibility helps to improve business speed and overall quality of service.

Barcode System

You can easily generate barcode labels using the Scantranx integrated barcode tool. Scantranx comes with an inbuilt barcoding system, which gives you a degree of control over how you generate product labels and effectively track your inventory.

Experience a simplified process of proper stock tracking, accountability and speedy checkout through the use of our integrated barcode system.

Enjoy all the benefits of using a barcode technology in an even easier and secured way, just plug in your barcode printer and punch in the copies to print.