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Omnichannel Retail Solutions and Strategies.

The omni-channel platform is beneficial in delivering more regular customer experience across all channels. With a centralized management system, retailers can efficiently remove barriers and create a more consistent shopping experience for customers

Omnichannel isn't a buzzword anymore, there are several companies who can be seen making huge progress by implementing an omnichannel strategy, which is an experience most customers have been craving for.

What is omnichannel retailing?

The term omnichannel retailing is all about connecting all sales channel to make a single commerce experience. It means, shoppers can browse the net, buy, deliver, collect and return goods through the fusion of channels, and their experience remains great and regular. Making it seem more than just owning physical stores in addition to a multichannel e-commerce operation.

As a matter of fact, according to a Harvard business review survey of about 46,000 shoppers, it was discovered that

          - Just 7% shopped exclusively online

          - 20% were store-only

          - And 73% preferred to move across several channels

Meaning your business needs an effective omni-channel platform to make it rank high and give your customers the best experience. In other words, your business needs an omnichannel platform such as Scantranx!

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4 Methods That Innovative Companies Use Omnichannel Retail.

Nowadays , we are experiencing a shift in the shopping habits of consumers. Gone were the days when brick and mortar stores rule the retail industry. There was a time when shoppers have to touch and try on the products before they purchase it. Not anymore. It has become less of a concern for the millennial consumer. Instead, social media presence, brand coverage and lifestyle affinity wins the loyalty of these new breed of consumers.
We can call them the young and the restless, the millennials and Gen Z. Brands often struggle to attract and retain their interests, but data reveals that this new generation of consumers are more loyal than any generational market. The only thing that businesses should do is to provide them with good brand experience and win their loyalty, and one of the solutions is omnichannel retail.

What Is Omnichannel Retail?  
The meaning of omnichannel retail is fairly simple. It is an integrated approach to commerce, giving consumers an integrated experience across all touchpoints or channels. An ideal omnichannel shopping experience goes beyond the traditional brick and mortar store, but also through online marketplaces, mobile browsing, social media, or wherever your shoppers browse online.
Traditional retailers should be scared, with good reason. There is no denying that in the past few years, online retail has thrived. And as online retailers expand aggressively, their existential threat to the traditional retailers are becoming greater. So nowadays, the traditional retailers have staked their future through an omnichannel retail solution with good results. In a study of 46,000 shoppers, only 7% are online-only shoppers, while 20% are store-only shoppers, the remaining 73% uses multiple channels while shopping..

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Why every retailer should have this POS Solutions software.

Before the days of cloud computing, businesses had to incur massive costs installing, managing and securing data on in house servers. This came with an inherent risk of losing all data if the servers crashed, was damaged, stolen or went up in flames.

Cloud computing secures data and cuts storage costs drastically. Sensitive data: receipts, customer invoices, daily sales, inventory, customer data, employees’ data etc. can all be managed remotely with a secure cloud-based retail POS software.

Cloud-based POS software is the latest trend in the retail business. Connected to a remote server through wireless connections it can be accessed through any mobile device - a Smartphone, a Tablet,a Laptop or a Desktop.

A cloud-based POS solution has the added advantage of helping retailers manage their business effectively across multiple channels; Brick and mortar, online, e-commerce, and third-party seamless integration. 

It has an even better advantage of being accessible without internet connection on an App.

The greatest advantage to retailers who have installed cloud-based POS is that they do not need to make huge investments to purchase hardware, layout infrastructure, or hire qualified employees. 

Retailers still using manual methods of data management;Excel sheets, Cash books or even old school Journals. do not know the comfort, ease, efficiency, and reliability they are missing without a fully integrated POS software.

What is POS retail software?
A POS or point of sale is the focal point of a retail business. It’s where customers pay for goods and services, sales records and inventory data is captured, customer data recorded, taxes calculated, cash receipts issued, and card payments debited. 

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